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After speaking to and interacting with thousands of student-athletes, hundreds of coaches and parents over the years, I was equipped and inspired to write a book that would guide many young athletes and their families through the world of college football recruiting and eligibility.


I’ve taken years of experience and actual situations and created a tool that provides knowledge on how to obtain scholarships and prepare for college as a student-athlete. In this easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide to college recruitment and eligibility, I masterfully teach you, step-by-step, on how to ensure your student-athlete reaches his full academic potential, athletic longevity, and financial stability for years to come. 


This book teaches you everything you need to know about college recruiting and eligibility for high school student-athletes.

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Chapter  1 - Taking Responsibility, Page17

It helps you think beyond high school and provides eight tips to help you keep track of your son's eligibility.


Chapter  2  - Getting Educated, Page 24

Teaches you about the NCAA, NCAA eligibility center, how to determine your child's core courses, the NCAA's core GPA requirement to receive an athletic scholarship, and NCAA's sliding scale. 


Also, chapter 2 breaks down Academic eligibility, teaches you the difference between a core GPA and a cumulative GPA, scholarships and how they work, the difference between a committable offer and a non-committable offer and helps you understand the National Letter of Intent (a binding agreement every student-athlete signs to accept their athletic scholarship.) 


Chapter 3 -  Investing in Your Child, Page 38

Discusses football camps and how to maximize football camp visits, the importance of medical treatment, the cost of getting exposure for your son and tips for saving money to prepare for recruiting travel. 


Chapter 4 - Networking, Page 44

Discusses the art of approach on how to properly network and build relationships with coaches, athletic directors, counselors, and teachers. 


Chapter 5 - Choosing the Right High School, Page 51

Teaches you how to gather information to help you select the right school for your son. Also, discusses the challenges most student-athletes experience when transitioning from middle school to high school, hence helping you prepare him for the next level. 


Chapter 6 -  Inside Junior Day & Football Camp, Page 59

Teaches you about junior days and how they work, breakdowns the difference between official visits and unofficial visits and provides tips on how to maximizing football camps. 


Chapter 7 - Your Son & Social Media, Page 68

Breaks down social media and how it is perceived by the coaches and the university's standpoint. 


Chapter 8 - Helping the Suffering Athlete, Page 73

Addresses mental health and the impact sports play on the minds of student-athletes, highlights known red flags to help you identify problems your son may be experiencing, and teaches you how to seek help if help is needed.


Chapter 9 - Choosing the Right College, Page  80

This chapter entails the importance of understanding the school's culture, the coach's personality, the team structure, the challenges of transitioning, and the issues of drugs and peer pressure that may occur within a college. Also, touches on the college schedule,  degree programs, athlete support, money management, and the athlete-coach relationship; as all these topics should be considered when selecting a college. 


Chapter 10 - Dear Moms, Page 91

This chapter is to help you determine where you are as a sports mom. It was written to inspire you and push you to be great because you are an inspiration to your son!  


In addition, you will find:

- A High School Year-by-Year Checklist, Page 106

- A Simple Guide for Navigating, Page 116

- A Football Mom Prayer, Page  118

Your son is more than an athlete, as you are more than a football mom. You are a legacy-builder.You have the power to break generational curses, guide your family into a life they have always dreamed of, achieve your ceiling-shattering goals, and make a difference in this world for years to come. You are sure to be an inspiration to your son, a role model for other football moms, and a true light in this sports industry.

Another part of investing in your child is getting them to university football camps, which I’ll give more details about in Chapter 6. Camps are some of the most important evaluation tools coaches use for recruiting. For instance, coaches will even take a player’s camp evaluation over his highlight tape; that’s just how crucial they are to attend.

Eligibility itself can change from year to year, so you have to make sure to keep up. The rules and requirements are completely at the discretion of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The core requirement is a 2.3 GPA, whereas before it was a 2.0 GPA. Changes like this are not uncommon, and you must be prepared for them.

about AUTHOR

Hi, I’m Alvianne. For nearly a decade, I’ve been helping student-athletes excel to reach their full academic, athletic and professional potential both on and off the field/court. I’ve helped parents of student-athletes learn how to transition their children from high school to college. I’ve also worked to grow and transform the marketing and positive image of a number of NFL players.


I am an athlete advocate, through and through! My day-to-day profession? I am a certified NFL sports agent, author, collegiate coach agent,  philanthropist, mentor and keynote speaker who focuses on empowering and educating players, coaches and sports parents.


I have spent my career discovering the best practices on recruiting and understanding how eligibility works and I want to share my secrets with you. 




Take the parent’s perspective.


  • Be empowered to wisely lead a child’s journey through academics, sports life, college recruitment and eligibility.​

  • Overcome the stress of shuffling through the requirements of the recruitment and eligibility process

  • Overcome the stresses of the industry

  • Learn details of the business behind sports

  • Understand the importance of self-care

  • Be equipped to partner with child in learning financial literacy and building generational wealth

Take the player’s perspective.

  • Be encouraged and empowered to succeed both on and off the field/court

  • Gain detailed knowledge on college recruitment and eligibility

  • Achieve better grades and test scores

  • Explore purpose and career options outside of sports

  • Learn lessons on self-value, respect, self-care, and mental health

  • Understand the effects of alcoholism and drug-use and be motivated to conquer peer pressure

Take the coach's’ perspective.


  • Learn how to create an effective program that’s academically and athletically sound

  • Ensure student-athletes are knowledgeable of NCAA requirements to compete in college sports

  • Learn how to educate and teach both parents and players on eligibility and scholarships

  • Be empowered to uplift and improve coaching platform

  • Overcome the stresses of the industry





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