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Alvianne Brule’, President & CEO of The VIIITH — 


Transforming athletes into knowledgeable and successful superstars on and off the field, Alvianne Brule’, President and CEO of The VIIIth (pronounced ‘The Eighth’), began her career as an instrumental mentor to student athletes, aiding them from high school to college and from college to the NFL. After nearly a decade of managing every facet of her NFL clientele’s lives and witnessing the mainstream mistreatment and negligence of sports agents first-hand, Brule’ embarked on a journey to further protect, advocate and negotiate for her clients, making a powerful difference in the standard of their representation. Holding an esteemed graduate certificate from EIWTC School of Ministry, a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO), and a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Walden University, the New Orleans’ native naturally progressed her sports integrated marketing, branding and management company, Zahkii Sports™, into what is now The VIIIth.

“I do not identify as merely a sports agent,” says Brule’. “I view myself as a client advisor and advocate.” Driving results, not promises, Brule’ is known for her philanthropic approach, tenacious negotiating skills, ability to solve problems, and deep passion for helping people become all they were created to be. Brule’ and her expert team understands they work for the client, and not the other way around. Founding The VIIIth on a client-first philosophy and a commitment to loyalty, integrity, family and creative strategy, Brule’ believes it is her responsibility to ensure the athletes under her care receive everything they need and more. As she analyzes her clients’ greatest desires, philanthropic goals and long- and short-term business objectives, she works to introduce, plan and execute creative strategies that will help them build a brand and legacy beyond the contract and well into a future of longstanding wealth and stability. Throughout her career, Brule’ has chosen to be relentlessly accessible and unwavering when it comes to pushing the bounds for her clients, and she plans to keep the momentum moving into a future of monumental change. 

“We believe that there are too many yes-men in the sports agency industry today who are focused only on personal gain and their clients’ money.  At The VIIIth, our core belief is to develop genuine, long-lasting relationships with each of our clients and focus on their well-being and future, both on and off the field. We integrate representation, branding, marketing, and business consultation services, maximizing our clients’ benefits at minimal costs. Our client-first philosophy is to help our clients’ create generational wealth.” — Alvianne Brule’

NFLPA Certified Sports Agent &
College Coach Agent 


THE VIIITH (Pronounced ‘The Eighth’):

— The number of a new beginning, signifying the start of a new era. In light of what may be unknown ahead, The VIIITH is ready to begin pursuing, conquering and building for the future. 


THE VIIITH is an innovative full-service management and sports agency missioned to educate and empower professional athletes, coaches, and collegiate personnel in building a brand and legacy that flourishes beyond their contracts. We believe elite representation, branding and marketing, and rigorous negotiating tactics coupled with research and strategic planning will maximize our client’s benefit at minimal cost. We are dedicated to being more than agents. We are here as advocates and advisors for our clients' and their families. 

Planning Futures. Empowering Families. Building Legacies.